Part One

Could You Betray The One You Loved If It Meant Staying Free?

When young MBA hotshot Mika Horden is recruited for her first big trading job at Dawson & Memorial she finds herself surrounded by glitz, glamour, and greed.

A long shot from her checkered past of poverty and desperation.

Her arrogant, take-no-prisoners, jerk-of-a-boss Erik Dawson looms over Mika as a powerful force. A controlling force. A man in every sense of the word.

Now Mika must learn to go toe-to-toe with her boss, establishing her name and her reputation in ways she never dreamed possible. While she’s at it, she might just teach him a thing or two about love, lust, and truth.

Part Two

What Does It Mean To Truly Forgive?

Erik, still upset with Mika for talking to the “FBI”, is forced to resort to desperate measures to save his company; and in doing so realizes that it’s good to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Under new strain, both Erik and Mika must force their way through a tenuous relationship in order to get what they both want:



And peace.

Will Erik and Mika be able to “Fake it” long enough to keep the law from throwing them both in prison? Or will their own desires for each other force their plans to unravel? Leaving them both in a world of pain.

Part Three

Glitz And Glamour On The Outside. Pain And Regret On The Inside.

To the public eye, Mika and Erik are stronger than ever as a couple.

Glamorous nights out, high profile partying, A-list celebrities and more.

But behind closed doors both Erik and Mika struggle to keep hidden secrets of their own.

Secrets that threaten to destroy everything that the both of them have worked so hard to build.

Can Mika and Erik survive together?

Or will their secrets end up tearing them apart?

Part Four

“The worst pain in the world goes beyond the physical. Even further beyond any other emotional pain one can feel. It is the betrayal of a friend.” – Heather Brewer

Erik, having lost everything, is falling into a spiral of depression.

Mika tries to help her lover piece his life back together while battling to retain her own sense of dignity and individual purpose.

In the throes of darkness and pain Mika and Erik are visited by an unlikely family member. One who has come to reveal the truth that has been hidden for so long.

A truth that will rip Mika and Erik apart.

Part Five

Conclusion To The Epic Five Part Series Trust Me Not

Erik’s is livid to find out that Mika has been hiding her immigration status for all of this time. He confronts her and says that it’s jeopardizing his court case and he doesn’t even know how to deal with her, and leaves. Mika is heartbroken, she hate her new job and she misses Erik.

Erik’s court date arrives and even though it looks a little dicey, all of the money owed is actually the company’s debt, and since Erik liquidated the company it worked out. Mika shows up in the back of the courtroom and when all of the hullabaloo dies down, Erik sees her.

Now, Erik must decide what kind of person he wants to be for the rest of his life. He has to decide if he wants to be a better person with Mika or if he is still under his Dad’s shadow.

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