My Dear Wonderful Reader,

If I could list all of the wonderful ways that you help us authors it would take me the next 6 months AT LEAST!

I am forever in your debt.

Which is why I like giving away free stories.

For those of you who like helping authors please consider this next post a tool. This simple two step process will allow you to help authors make their work FREE on Amazon.

How To Make Books Go Free On Amazon 

I love Amazon.

They have allowed me to share my stories with the world.

However, they won’t let me share them for free…

Unless you help.

In this post I want to share with you how you can help me to make my work free (permanently) so that you can enjoy my stories without paying a dime!

Here is how it works:

Step #1. Grab Any One Of These Links

First, you need to know where I am sharing my work for free on other sites (Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Itunes, etc.).

For example, my most recent release (Part #1 of the Trust Me Not Series) can be found for free here:




Step #2. Tell Amazon About It

This is where I need your help most of all!

First, go to the Amazon page where the book is.

For example (again), with the Trust Me Not – Part One book go here:

US >>>

UK >>>

CA >>>

AU >>>

Then scroll down to this part of the page:



Then all you have to do is simply follow the steps provided by Amazon…

and before you know it – FREE STORIES!

So, if you want to get Part One of the my brand new Trust Me Not series absolutely free then please follow the steps above to help get Amazon on board.

As soon as they reduce the price to zero, I will send you an email (you can sign up for my newsletter here).

I love you so very much my dear faithful reader. I look forward to providing you with many more hours of enjoyment and pleasure.

To your reading,