Sins Of David Volume 1 – Due February 12th, 2016


She’s accused of murdering the mafioso kingpin of New York. He’s her only way back to safety.

The only problem: He’s the Don’s right-hand man.

Follow Meadow and David as their very different worlds come colliding together in a twisty-turny story of love, betrayal, and loyalty.

Sins Of David Volume 2 – Due February 16th, 2016


Meadow struggles to trust David as new threats to her safety come into the picture.

Can David hide his secret long enough to keep Meadow protected from the shady underworld of crime that threatens to harm her and her loved ones?

Watch closely as Meadow and David intertwine their lives with one another in an irreversible and potentially deadly way.

Sins Of David Volume 3 – Due February 29th, 2016


The epic conclusion to Meadow and David’s torrent love affair.

Will the two lovers be able to overcome the unimaginable odds against them?

Only time will tell!

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